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FR Acoustical Fabric


Used as decorative and protective layer over our acoustical panels and baffles, our FR Acoustical Fabric functions as an additional layer of acoustical treatment. It is made with 100% inherently fire retardant polyester fiber material.

  • Colorfast to lighting and washing

  • Eco-friendly; No after treatment using chemicals

  • High standard tensile strength

  • Weight: 300 ~ 500g /m

  • 1.42m Width (Custom widths available)

Flammability: BS 5852 Part 1:1979 Match Test, EN 1021-1:2006 Cigarette Test, DIN 4102-1 Class B1, ASTM D 1230-2010 Class 1, BS 5867-2:2008 Part B, BS 476 Part 6&7 Class O, NFPA 260:2009 Class 1

Finished Acoustical Panel

Finished Panel

Our Finished Panel is a fabric-wrapped acoustic panel made with a fire retardant 90kg/m³ high density fiberglass material as its panel core. The edges are resin-hardened to prevent leakage and for a clean finish.


The panel core is wrapped with one of our FR Fabrics. The Finished Panel has the flexibility to be custom made into various shapes and sizes.

Our Finished Panels are a very popular and cost-effective solution for walls or ceilings in need of acoustical treatment. It provides an easy modular installation onto the ceiling or walls by using adhesives or clips.

Standard size: 1200mm*1200mm,1200mm*2400mm,600mm*1200mm 

Thickness: 25mm (1"), 50mm (2"), custom thicknesses avaliable.

Flammability: ASTM E84 Class A

Acoustical Performance: ASTM C423 NRC 0.9 with 100mm cavity

Fabric Wall Panel System

Fabric Wall Panel System

Our Fabric Wall Panel System is an option to realize complicated designs. This system comprises of our panel core material, fire retardant fabric, wall tracks and LED lighting.

  • Fiberglass or Polyester Panel Core

  • A variety of thicknesses, profiles and custom shaped wall tracks available

  • Choose from a wide selection of our fire retardant fabric

  • UL rated, dimmable, custom-fitted LED lighting to enhance designs

Flammability: ASTM E84 Class A

Acoustical Performance: ASTM C423 NRC 08 with no cavity

Polyester Panel Core: thickness 25mm & 50mm, weight 1500g-2000g/sqm, white or black

Art acoustical
Art Acoustical Panel

We are able to print any HD image or deisgn onto the FR Fabric of our Finished Acoustical Panel to produce the Art Acoustical Panel. It creates the perfect balance between acoustic performance and aesthetic effect.

Choose from a our selection of images or designs or work with us to create your own. We offer standard sizes which are the sames as the Finished Acoustical Panel or we can make a custom to fit your space.

This product is great for decoration, branding, advertising and marketing as well a perfect acoustical solution for private home theaters. 

Applications: Wall or Ceiling Acoustic and Design Solution 



3D Acoustical
3D Acoustical Panel

We use our Finished Acoustic Panels to craft different 3D shapes and sizes in order to make exciting and complex designs possible.


Whether it is a method to combine a panel with an LED light or included to create a mid-blowing effect, adding on another dimension enhances the overall design.




Resin LED Light
Sydeco LED Lighting Solution


We use resin-cased LED lights for our lighting and design solution, which is sets our solution apart from the traditional acrylic lighting options. Our resin LED's are customized to project specifications and are ready to install immediately on site. The LEDs can be made to produce any color, and the LEDs are dimmable.

Our technology, and experience allows us to continue innovating by creating new ways to incorporate our LEDs into our products and designs. Adding LEDs to your space creates a memorable architectural experience for your visitors.

Products Features:

1). Power Saving:  Only 10% power consumption compared with the traditional neon lights.

2). Safety:  Safety voltage is 12V.

3). All-weather: Wind, frost, rain and snow resistance, can even work in a 10℃~40℃ humid  environment.      


4). Long-life: Durable when lit; long working life no less than 5 years.

5). High Strength: High tensile, compression and excellent in cushion effect.

6). Environmental Protection: No lighting pollution and chemical pollution.

7). Shiny and Bright: lighting is uniform, visible even rainy and fog if applied outdoors.

8)Input voltage: AC 110-220V

9)Output voltage: DC12V.

10)Power Rate: For standard size LED 10 W/m (30mm width) 11 W/m (50mm width).

FR Curtain

FR Acoustical Curtain

Made with 100% inherently fire retardant polyester fiber, our FR Acoustical Curtain can be used as a decorative piece for walls, or as drapes for screens, covering windows, dividers and stages.

The FR Acoustical Curtain has great sound absorption, easy to install, and is mildew resistant.

There are limitless designs and color possibilities that can be made and it is easy to install on site.


Flammability: BS 5852 Part 1:1979 Match Test, EN 1021-1:2006 Cigarette Test, DIN 4102-1 Class B1, ASTM D 1230-2010 Class 1, BS 5867-2:2008 Part B, BS 476 Part 6&7 Class O, NFPA 260:2009 Class 1

Ceiling Panel

Acoustical Ceiling Panel

Our Acoustical Ceiling Panels are made with high density fiberglass as its raw material. It can be installed on the ceiling using adhesives or fixed into the ceiling grid. Both methods of installation are fast and easy.

Facilities that use our Acoustical Ceiling Panels have proven to have greater sound absorption. It helps to control and adjust the room reverberation time, reduce noise and improve the sound quality. 

A variety of shapes, sizes and colors are readily available to create a decorative effect. Standard sizes and dark colors for spaces looking to blend the panels with the ceiling. We make these panels with flat surfaces for a clean-cut appearance.


Standard Sizes: 600mm*600mm*20mm, 600mm*1200mm*20mm Or Custom Sizes by Request 


Flammability: Class A according to GB 8624-1997. 

NRC 0.95 with 400mm cavity

Wall Carpet
Acoustical Wall Carpet (Carpet Felt)

Our Acoustical Wall Carpet serves as a protective layer for panels and walls in high traffic areas. It is made with 100% polyester material, and is soft to the touch. Choose from five standard colors or create a custom colofor a new a decorative effect.

  • Self-healing

  • Pill and Fuzz Resistant

  • Color-fast, Stain Resistant

  • Easy to Clean if needed

  • Thickness: 3mm

  • Width: 1.22m 

  • Weight: 400-800g/sqm 


Standard Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Orange, Dark Purple, Red

Fire Rating: EN 13501-1:2007 Class B

Acoustic Performance: GB/T 20247-2006

Acoustical Baffle

Perfect for spaces in need of reducing reverberation and echo, our Acoustical Baffles can be customized for a variety of applications and provide a decorative design. It can be suspended horizontally or vertically with clip and can be relocated with ease. We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to fit any project.

Material: Fiberglass or Polyester Panel Core

Fire Rating: ASTM E84 Class A

Acoustic Performance: GB/T 20247 – 2006

Height: 200mm – 600mm (7.8 – 23.6 inches)

Length: 400mm – 2400mm (15.6 – 55.1 inches)

Thickness: 75mm, 80mm (2.95, 3.15 inches)

* We must assess each project accordingly to determine correct installation method.

Multi Funtional
Melamine Acoustical Foam

Our Melamine Acoustical Foam is a lightweight and easy to handle product that is mainly used to line ceilings and walls to contain the noise at its source. It performs at its best when low frequency sound absorption is needed.

It is water resistant, mold resistant and has a low moisture absorption rate. We offer a variety of shapes and color to serve specific acoustic and design purposes.

Fire Rating: GB8624-1997 Class B1 


Standard Size: 600mm x 600mm (24 x 24 inches), Other Sizes Can Be Custom Made.

Velveteen Stage Curtain

Our Velveteen Stage Curtain offers a lush, decorative effect and is guaranteed to block out light. It is made with the highest quality of velveteen fabric and is easy to install on site. The dimensions, patterns and designs can be tailor-made into various stlish designs.

Popular applications are conference rooms, theatres, opera houses, hotels, exhibition centers, and TV stations.

Flame Rating: DIN 4102-1 Class B1

Fabric Weight: 320g/sqm (with the width of 1.5m) or 280g/sqm (with the width of 1.14m) 

Color: Standard Red or Black and Custom Colors 

Wooden Acoustical Panel


Made with real wood veneer or melamine, our Wooden Acoustical Panel allows for limitless design possibilities. It has great sound absorption qualities especially when dealing with middle and low frequency sound absorption.

The surface is grooved to create perforations and paths for sound to be absorbed. It is fire retardant with low formaldehyde content, light weight, unmodified and is very strong. It has a natural appearance and gives off a natural wood smell.

We have a large selection of various sizes and thicknesses. All variations of our Wooden Acoustical Panel are very easy to install.


Fire Rating: GB8624-1997 Class B1

Acoustic Performance: GB/T20247-2006 NRC 0.7-0.9 with different panel thickness

Thickness: 15, 18 mm (0.59, 0.71 inches)

Standard Size: 2440 x 128 mm (96.1 x 5.0 inches)

128mm*2440mm*15mm, 128mm*2440mm*18mm

Panel Core: Fiberglass or Polyester Material

Wood Fiber
Wood Wool Panel

Our Wood Wool Acoustical Panel is a great design choice for ceilings, walls, or partition walls. It is especially beneficial where high sound absorption is required.

Due to its tightly interwoven structure, it allows the panel to be resistant to humidity, mildew, and insects. It has very strong water resistance where the water swelling rate is < 0.6%.

Popular applications are residence spaces, offices, conference rooms, swimming pools, libraries, hotel facilities, stadiums, theaters, shopping malls, educational facilities, and factories.

Standard Size:  600mm*1200mm*25mm



Perforated Acoustical Panel
  • Durable material and smooth, paintable surface

  • Simplifies installation & maintenance

  • Sound absorbent

  • No added fomaldehyde

  • No asbestos

  • Formaldehyde less than 0.1mg/L

Fire Performance: GB8624-2006 Class A

Acoustic Performance: GB/T20247-2006 NRC 0.9 with 50mm Panel


Perforation Rate: 7% - 30%

Hole Diameter: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 mm 



Environmental Membrane Panel


Environmental waterproof acoustical membrane panel is a new environmental friendly and energy conservative acoustical material mounted between the layers created by the roof and perforated metal board or cement fiber board.It changes the traditional method of non full enclosure of the perimeter of the acoustical fiberglass felt. The black felt behind the perforated metal board and perforated cement fiber board can be ignored when installing.The installation is easy and quick. It is the professional acoustical membrane panel used in natatoriums and other places where there is high moisture density.

Heat Insulation Acoustical Panel


Heat insulation energy conservative acoustical panel uses high quality glass fiber felt as the core material and uses different thickness composite aluminium foil fully sealing the glass fiber felt.

Heat insulation energy conservative property: composite fine metal aluminium foil is used as the surface material for fully sealing theatment. It can effectively reflect the radiant heat energy from the Sun; and prevent the indoor energy wastage.Non-flammability: the core material and the surface material are all proved to be of Class A fire rating.Damp-proof property: the workmanship adopts fully sealing, instead of veneering top and bottom, which completely prevents the dampness eroding the glass fiber felt.Noise reduction property: this product has wide frequency sound absorption, with NRC value being 0.95. Heat insulation energy conservative acoustical panel is convenient with fast installation. Panels can be custom made meeting different specifications and size requirements in an effort to avoid unnecessary material wastage. There is a wide range of applications for this product, such as roof, wall, ground, cellar, air duct, ect.

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